Hi, I’m a 20 year old {nearly 21… ekk!} art student from Kent in the south east of England. I study fine and applied art and even though I’m in my last year of studying I’m still not really sure what that means. I just know that I love drawing, sketching, printing, painting and sewing! I love being creative not just inside university but outside as well. I adore scrap-booking I’m a massive memory hoarder and I love decorating and making things look just right. Currently I work at a local Burger King, such fun to be had in one of these places, will try and tell you a bit about in a post sometime. I also have an over exaggerated love of DISNEY! as you will probably be able to tell from my artwork this year! My other love is for my animals which I’m sure you will see pictures of soon enough! But my secret love {even though I am rubbish at it} is playing video games or just watching my boyfriend play them once I give up!

So this blog is going to be a place from me to showcase my work whether that is art based or photography based as well as my scrapbook pages. I’m also going to use it to tell stories and give you guys an insight into my life. {even though I have a strictly normal and pretty boring at times, life!}

If you made it to the end of this ramble we can be friend for ever!

Signed AJAW


Photo: Photo of myself around the age of 3 with my nanny pat who is one of the most amazing women I have the pleasure of knowing. (taken around 1998 ) Remember family is everything. Love you nan!