The end of university is fast approaching and I am in shock! Our celebrations have already started and I am looking forward to our graduation in September! As this will be our last big celebration and where everything all come to an end!

My friend and i have been out numerous times the past couple of weeks to celebrate this last year coming to an end. We started off with a trip to the cinema to celebrate hanging our degree show in time! We then stayed over in Canterbury and went out on the town to with some 2nd years to celebrate being graduates!

There was also the degree show opening where we all got together in that small gallery {it was incredibly hot} to rejoice with friends and family about the joys of finally finishing the course. It was a great turnout and i was incredibly impressed with the amount of people there! It really showed how hard we have all worked on bringing the show together and getting everything ready! There were also numerous prizes given out to us students. It was lovely to be acknowledged for the hard work some of us have truly put in throughout the past three years!

I was lucky enough to be long-listed for the Turner Contemporary Post Graduate Award, this is such a great accomplishment and i am so over the moon with happiness that the hard-work is paying off!

We also all attended the end of year BBQ at our tutors pub, this was a lovely celebration where we finally got to praise the tutors and show them how much they really mean to us!

So for now that is all the celebrations that have taken place, however I am sure there will be many more!

You’ll hear from me soon!


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