Just a small update for my beautiful friends! I have finally put an original print of mine up for sale! I will be doing this a lot in the future with more of my prints! very exciting i know! below you can see a few photos of the print that is for sale it is called ‘Rabbit and Hatter.’ and is an original print of my own, I designed this in my last year of university and I just adore the outcome of it!

you can buy it here on my etsy store:


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Hello gorgeous people of the internet!

So while I’m on holiday in the south of France (Frejus) We decided to take a day trip to Cannes! It was a lovey day and the views were simply amazing! however one thing that really stood out to me was the amount of incredible artwork spaced along Cannes seafront and beyond! on every corner there was some sort of sculpture to capture your attention! it was incredible! The views are of course amazing as well and I had an overall super fantastic day out! Enjoy the photos below!

Signed AJAW

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Hello ello ello!

so i have been on holiday for the last week as you might already know and it has been an amazing time!at the end of the first week of this gorgeous vacation we took a trip to St Tropez! and let me tell you it is a glorious place full of rustic buildings and hearty foods! It just feels like being at home but 200x better! I wish i could have just stayed here forever! please just enjoy these photos and hopefully you will understand what i am trying to say! However that is all I’m going to write for now enjoy the photos and you’ll hear from me soon!

Signed AJAW

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The end of university is fast approaching and I am in shock! Our celebrations have already started and I am looking forward to our graduation in September! As this will be our last big celebration and where everything all come to an end!

My friend and i have been out numerous times the past couple of weeks to celebrate this last year coming to an end. We started off with a trip to the cinema to celebrate hanging our degree show in time! We then stayed over in Canterbury and went out on the town to with some 2nd years to celebrate being graduates!

There was also the degree show opening where we all got together in that small gallery {it was incredibly hot} to rejoice with friends and family about the joys of finally finishing the course. It was a great turnout and i was incredibly impressed with the amount of people there! It really showed how hard we have all worked on bringing the show together and getting everything ready! There were also numerous prizes given out to us students. It was lovely to be acknowledged for the hard work some of us have truly put in throughout the past three years!

I was lucky enough to be long-listed for the Turner Contemporary Post Graduate Award, this is such a great accomplishment and i am so over the moon with happiness that the hard-work is paying off!

We also all attended the end of year BBQ at our tutors pub, this was a lovely celebration where we finally got to praise the tutors and show them how much they really mean to us!

So for now that is all the celebrations that have taken place, however I am sure there will be many more!

You’ll hear from me soon!


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Hey Friends

My hard work is paying off! I have been long-listed for the platform graduate award, if i manage to be short-listed i will get the opportunity to exhibit my work at the turner contemporary gallery in Margate. This is an amazing opportunity and i am so grateful that i have even been long-listed for this.
So that is my good news for today! I will keep you updated on this amazing piece of news, the next step for me is to complete my application form and get that sent it ready for them to view and assess. And then we can hope that I will ultimately be short-listed!

Signed AJAW

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So here is another inspired post because I was lucky enough to take part in an exhibition curated by the 2nd year students at my university which was running alongside a professional artists exhibition in the Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury. and to top it all of my artwork was chosen to be shown in the gallery alongside John Stezaker’s works. It was an amazing opportunity and I feel so blessed to be able to have taken part in such an inspired experience. The piece of work I produced was heavily inspired by Hannah Hoch and her own work from the DADA period. I was also influenced in producing this piece though my own professional practice. I have been looking at identity and I think this piece has worked well to portray this concept though the weird and wonderful ways of the Dada movement. Without this movement work like mine would probably not be excepted as art. However the DADA movement opened up so many doors and opportunities for what was called ‘anti-art’ and the world rejoiced at being able to express themselves freely and with no regrets.

I feel doing this project has also opened up many doors for me, I feel as though this DADA project has inspired my work an incredible amount and I believe that it really shows in my more recent pieces just how much i have taken from this project. I have used the idea of collage and mixed media and i have taken this into my work and I feel that this has only made my work stronger.


Thank you if you made it to the end of this post! You’ll hear from me again soon!

Signed AJAW

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Hey! Just another blog post for today, its currently Easter break for me and I’m taking a small break from University work this week before I have to crack on with my final pieces. Yesterday I took a shot at my practical driving test. and as you can probably gather from the title of this post. I failed. like many other people do on there first time. Unfortunately it was due to a really stupid mistake that i haven’t ever made before when driving. I stalled my car {Citroen; Cactus} half way out of a junction all because I didn’t go into first gear when I should have! like I said a stupid mistake. When reviewing my test with my examiner and instructor all he said to me was that I “became a nuisance” to other drivers. So you’re telling me if a car hadn’t come along while I stalled, I would have been fine? very annoying situation really, but I think it the pressure just got to me because apart from that and 2 minors he said “your driving wasn’t that bad” so I guess that’s a good thing.

Anyway I just wanted to post so other people can maybe see that failing you driving test is okay. It’s all practice and like they say, practice really does make perfect. At least next time I can sort of know what to expect and hopefully I will manage to NOT stall at a busy junction! I have booked another test however the earliest i could get was June, so that’s even more frustrating, having to wait 2 months for another shot but that’s just life!

Speak to you soon.


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On the train to London with my Boy, Mike Spencer.
On the train to London with my Boy, Mike Spencer.

Hello fellow friends! So I have recently celebrated my 21st Birthday! I had a fantastic day celebrating it started in the 19th the day before my birthday and my gorgeous boyfriend took me to London for the day and night. We went to see Matilda at the theatre. It truly was AMAZING! I have loved the book and film for a really long time, since I was an itty bitty little girl, and it was amazing to see it come to life on the stage! We then proceeded to stay in an amazing hotel for the night which was extremely lush and very upper class. I felt so very posh when staying there. {you even needed your key cards to get into the elevator.} Then the following day we went home and spent time with my family eating cake and drinking tea.


Saturday started with a visit from my Boy, he surprised me with these gorgeous flowers. {SO SWEET} we then went and made our way to the train station and caught the train to London Victoria. Love going on adventures, it doesn’t happen nearly enough! We made our way straight to the hotel when we arrived, so that we could check straight in and drop off our bag in our room. Whilst we were waiting to check in we got offered some popcorn! {don’t mind if I do} It was like being treated like a princess. I felt so special. The place we stayed at was very big and spacious and the lighting was very atmospheric, it felt like walking into a place that you should be allowed in. But then I remembered I’m an adult now and I paid for the room and I am allowed! after arriving at the hotel and settling in, we got ready for the evening and made our way out on the town! and by that I mean we made our way to Hamley’s toy store! Where I finally got to buy myself a Hamley’s teddy bear which is the most gorgeous bear I have ever seen in my life!


After spending quite a looooong time in Hamley’s. We decided to head to find something to eat. We ended up at Pizza Hut not to far from the theatre wed be going to that evening. We spent a good hour eating lush pizzas and awesome salads. And then it was time for the fun part! MATILDA! So we made our way to the Cambridge Theatre, in London were we eagerly awaited the show to begin, we arrived about 30 mins before the show was due to start. And it was the most intense 30 mins
of my live, I was so extremely excited! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! And I wont give much away abut the show but it was amazing! I would highly recommend the show to any fellow theatre enthusiast.After the show we slowly made our way back to the hotel were we then watched ‘Kick Ass 2’ on TV and had a lush nights sleep in a enormous deluxe king bed! {so comfy, so worth it!}

My birthday cake.

The following day Mike treated me to my very first McDonald’s breakfast, which wasn’t actually that bad! I thought it was rather yummy, would definitely go again! and we made our way back home straight after as I had to get ready to see my family, Which i love doing on birthdays as its a great excuse to get everyone together. It was truly lovely seeing all my family, and I loved getting to decorate my own birthday cakes! {first time pipping on icing didn’t go to bad} When we go home my mum had decorated the living room with some awfully embarrassing photos, which I had a good laugh at with everyone. I got some really gorgeous gifts by parents got me a beautiful Tiffany’s necklace and I got a new Mikey London bracelet and a couple of
Pandora beads. I was truly spoilt.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who made my 21st a day to remember! It was amazingly fun and I cant wait to celebrate next year even if I am only going to be 22. Its still a good excuse to have a get together and good ol’ laugh!

speak to you again soon

Signed AJAW

{below you can see a few more pictures from my birthday!}

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Just a bit of a life update today. I would really like to turn this website into more of a blog. Rather than just a website full of a bunch of photographs as it has been so far. I will still post photographs of my work however I really want to be able to just ramble on here as well. That way when I look back {at this rather complicated and stressful time} I will be able to know what I was thinking and what I was doing rather then just seeing my artwork. {which is nice as well, don’t get me wrong!}

Anyway that is enough rambling for now.

so UPDATE: for the past 12 days {and for the next 19 days} I have been going WITHOUT chocolate! and let me tell you it is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. {dramatic I know, but I’m a chocoholic!} Genuinely for the first 3 days I felt as though I was having actual withdrawal symptoms. No joke.

However 12 days in and I’m still going strong. 6 days ago I had a Twix ice cream from work {Burger king} and yes it has ball-balls of caramel coated in chocolate inside it. But I did the strong and dedicated thing by dodging and eating around them {and even at times spitting them back out} whilst I was eating it! Then today I ate a chocolate éclair without the chocolate as my loving father picked it off for me and ate it himself! Even though it is a very difficult thing to do, going 31 days without chocolate {and through the EASTER month as well} I am fairing rather well so far, I think.

So you might be saying to yourself. ‘why would you do that to yourself?’ answer: it doesn’t have anything with wanting to loose weight, it isn’t an extreme diet or anything like that its simply because I want to be healthier and I don’t want to become reliant on chocolate when I’m down or sad or just plain bored. I have found that without being able to eat chocolate I haven’t been snacking as much and when I would eat chocolate I just have a class of water, a digestive biscuit or just nothing! As most of the time it is just boredom making me want to eat! So if you feel as though you eat to much of something then maybe give this a go yourself. Try going a month without it and proving to yourself that you can be strong and healthy!

Good luck in your endeavours and I will try to stay strong in mine!

Signed AJAW

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So the last 24 hours for me haven’t been overly great. I broke my phone, skipped uni yet again, and managed to get absolutely zero work done! {thanks motivation…} But, hey I started a blog so that a good thing. However it isn’t just the past 2 hours I have so much pressure on me right now I feel as though my back is about to give way and I’m about explode both at the same time. driving lessons, driving test, money, work, birthday plans, university, professional portfolio, dissertation, studio work, Dada exhibition, MY exhibition! There’s just to much going on!

I know compared to some of the people on this glorious earth my problems don’t even come close, but I’m used to having a strictly organised and planned life and things like this throw me off balance and make me feel almost depressed, when things don’t go the way in which I plan. Sounds silly I know, but whilst I laid awake at 4 o’clock this morning I decided to do something about it.

So I wrote lists… because lists always sort things out right?

I wrote lists on what I needed to do today and what I needed to do for university sort term and long term. so at the end of today when the day is coming to an end I shall update you again on whether or not I actually get any of it done?!? {your guess is as good as mine, but I gotta get out of this funk somehow!} speak to you soon… or at the moment I guess I’ll speak to me soon as I currently have no views. At the moment its kind of a personal blog just for me… which I kind of like. {Means I can write my thoughts somewhere rather than talking to myself all the time.}

Signed AJAW

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